Give 9 for No. 9!

Medomak Arts has entered a new role as sole steward of No. 9 for the Waldoboro community. As things sometimes go, we're not starting with a lot more than No. 9 itself, some exciting ideas, and a willingness to see things through! No. 9 is meant to be a space for all of the community. Please consider supporting the space as a community arts resource in one of these ways:

Give $9 for No. 9

A recurring $9 monthly donation from enough committed community members can make a real difference for covering ongoing expenses – think wireless internet and other utilities, shared art materials, office and cleaning supplies, even rent. Give 9 for No. 9!

Give a larger one-time amount

To make the best use of No. 9 and ensure it meets community needs, we're hoping to secure our own set of tables, chairs, proper on-site storage, and audio / video equipment. Combined with monthly overhead expenses, our big goal for 2016 is to raise $10,000. A larger one-time donation will help us reach this goal:

  • $25 will cover one chair ($50 for two!)
  • $75 will cover one table
  • $100, $500, or more – well, you get the idea!

Help us reach our big goal for 2016.

Other ways to get involved

You can also reach out to us about volunteering, or propose a workshop or event at No. 9.

We can do it if we work together!

With everyone pitching in what they can, No. 9 can truly be a successful community space. Please help us reach our goal for Waldoboro and the Medomak region!