Join us for We ♥︎ Medomak Arts!

From the press:

Waldoboro-based arts nonprofit Medomak Arts Project invites any and all who “heart” the bridging of arts and community to its second “We Heart Medomak Arts” event taking place Saturday, February 27 from 5:00–7:00 PM at “The Space @ No. 9” (9 Friendship Street, Waldoboro). The free dinner social is also a benefit event for the organization, which has recently taken on full management responsibility of No. 9.

Oren Robinson, interim president of Medomak Arts, certainly “hearts” the opportunity the nonprofit has in Waldoboro. “Over the last year,” he said, “we at Medomak Arts have started sharing our vision of a more artful and inclusive Waldoboro community. Central to that mission is establishing No. 9 as Waldoboro’s hub for making, learning, and connecting.” The last year has seen a stream of local programming take place, thanks to community members and the Central Lincoln County YMCA, from yoga and Tai Chi to memoir-writing and printmaking classes. “We look forward to seeing what more we and the rest of the community can do” said Robinson.

Medomak Arts believes No. 9 programming will only grow over time. “We’re thrilled, and maybe a little terrified, to be taking the reins for the space,” said Robinson. “There’s a lot of work to be done but many recent successes to build on and so much potential for us and the community to realize.”

Now that Medomak Arts has inherited management duties of No. 9 from a previous board member, the organization is inviting the community to invest their dreams in the space. “We envision the Medomak region becoming a place where all community members have the chance to foster their imagination and creativity,” said Robinson. “While our focus is on providing arts education, celebration, and promotion, we invite all well-wishing members of Waldoboro and midcoast Maine to imagine how they might use No. 9 to help better people enjoy their lives, each other, and the region itself.”

How can you get involved? Robinson points to three key ways:

Attend the We Heart Medomak Arts event
Bring an appetizer or drink to this potluck social and benefit event for Medomak Arts Project and The Space @ No. 9. Connect with other local supporters, and learn more about what Medomak Arts has in store for the space in the coming year.
 • Saturday, February 27 from 5:00–7:00 PM
 • The Space @ No. 9 (9 Friendship Street, Waldoboro)
 • Featured Local Artists: Krisanne Baker, Chris Augusta, April Reed-Cox, Marjie Lupien

Contribute to Medomak Arts and No. 9 as a funder or volunteer
Robinson and Medomak Arts have big plans for No. 9, and they could use help getting the resources to make those plans possible. “We’re borrowing furniture for We Heart Medomak Arts from some generous local supporters,” he said, “but we need our own equipment for the long haul.” Medomak Arts is looking for community support to be able to purchase new chairs, tables, storage, and even audio / visual equipment for public use at No. 9. Donate by going to the “Support” page at All donations are tax-deductible.

Propose a one-time or ongoing program to take place at The Space @ No. 9, or add an existing event to the community calendar
If you have an idea for a workshop or event that could take place at No. 9, Medomak Arts wants to know about it. Robinson explains that, while arts events are the nonprofit’s bread and butter, “just about anything that promotes community is fair game. Discussion groups, movie nights, organization meetings, you name it. I’d love to see a weekly jam session get off the ground.” Share your ideas on the “Contact” page at

Even if No. 9 isn’t the space for your event, share the information on Medomak Arts’ online community calendar. Head to “Community Calendar” page at to submit the event or workshop information.