Kentucky Bourbon workshop on September 30

The History and Culture of Kentucky Bourbon

Friday September 30, 6:00-9:00 PM
9 Friendship St. Waldoboro

This short one-night course will cover questions such as:

  • Why Kentucky?
  • How is Bourbon made?
  • What is the difference between Bourbon, Irish and Scotch whiskey?
  • What was the whiskey rebellion and why is it an important part of Bourbon history?
  • How did prohibition affect Bourbon production?

The second part of the course will review the evolution of the Bourbon industry; especially the rise in it’s popularity in recent years.

There will be an optional bourbon tasting during intermission.

In case of questions, contact instructor Scott Byrd.

Seating is limited; registration in advance is recommended. Register by contacting Medomak Arts board member Jann Minzy (or call/leave a message at 207-832-4774).