Calling all Artist Mentors! Medomak Arts Summer Institute (MASI), July 15-22, 2015

The Medomak Arts Project (MAP) seeks volunteer artist mentors for its Medomak Arts Summer Institute (MASI) in Waldoboro, ME. For one week in July (7/15-7/22) MAP will host young aspiring artists and environmentalists to work with local artisans, art instructors, and environmental scientists to share a natural and cultural immersion experience. 10-12 students between the ages of 13-17 will learn about different artistic techniques—from metalworking, painting and collage, to printmaking and photography—as well as become familiar with issues concerning environmental sustainability in Maine's midcoast region and beyond. This exploration will culminate in each student creating a project which will be included in the exhibition at Waldoboro's Paint the Town Festival on August 1, 2015. 

MAP is looking for Mentors in the following specialties: painting and collage, sculpture, printmaking, wood and metalworking, photography, drawing and design, media and video arts.

Artist Mentors will have the option of working with students one on one and/or with the group. MAP will work with you to find out what type and level of involvement fits best into your schedule. 

Options for Artist Mentors may include:

  • With the help of our Educational Coordinator, connect with student(s) before the session to consult with them about their project idea and materials list.
  • Touch base with or work one-on-one with students at any point during their studio time (1 - 5 pm) beginning Friday afternoon July 17 through Wednesday July 22. 
  • Demonstrate a technique or medium, or do a presentation or talk about your work to all the students sometime during the MASI session. 

*By serving as a mentor, local artists have the opportunity to provide what may be life-changing guidance for developing student artists; gain new perspective on their craft by sharing it with student artists; engage in interdisciplinary practice, discovering space between fine arts and environmental studies; and embody the commitment they have to their community and the livelihood of the local landscape. 

If you are interested in more information or joining our team, email either Holly Berry (flossie [at] midcoast.com) or Scott Byrd  (medomakarts [at] gmail.com).